The Influence of Sa`di’s Bustan on the persian masnavis of the 14th and the first half of 15th centuries

Document Type: Research Article


Department of Tajik Classic Literature under Khujand State University named after academician B.Gafurov (Tajikistan Republic, Khujand)


This article is devoted to the study of the degree and aspects of the influence of Sadí's Bustan on the masnevis of the fourteenth and the beginning of the fifteenth centuries.
The author of the article, based on the scientific and literary sources and the analysis of numerous examples, proves that Saadi’s Bustan had a beneficial effect on the process of creating works in the genre of Mesnevi in ​​the 14 and early 15 centuries. It should be noted that during this period it is difficult to find a writer who did not show interest in this work and did not use interesting structural and ideological features of this work. Based on the consideration and analysis of several mesnevis in 14 and early 15 centuries, such as "Dasturnoma" and  "Adabnoma" Nizory Kahistoni, "Hidoyatnoma" Nasiri Bukhiroi, "Sukhbatnoma"  Imod Kirmoni, "Dah bob" and Kotibi Nishopuri, the author comes to the conclusion that the influence of the Sheikh Saadi’s Buston can be traced in terms of size, structure, and ideological content of the mesnevis of the period under consideration.