Introduction to pottery of Jundisapur,s Ghaleh kohneh Area Hosein Alidadi

Document Type: Research Article


Ph. D. student of Archeology – Islamic Azad University, Tehran Unit, center


Including evidence for the introduction of ethnic cultural richness of art and the development of civilization in ancient times the people involved in the art of pottery. Given that "regional survey exploring the archaeological sites or archaeological site, or just an example of it puts archeology in the region" must be said that our knowledge about the Parthian and Sassanid periods are deeply flawed. Although most of these small objects such as pottery However, they are not significant in itself foundation of communication with a harvest residues and larger in space and time efficient for dating and greater use of archaeological data is. " "So the Sassanid pottery archaeologists who have worked in different fields, not included in an important and often relied on the general description of it. However, this deficiency in the Sasanian pottery markedly evident that the lack of sufficient attention to the Sassanid pottery comes in the penalty area. Because the archaeological sites, archaeologists leads to the behavior of other species.