The introduction of manuscript jame o lazzat Mohammad Mahmoud Jurjani

Document Type: Research Article


1 Payam noor university of iran

2 Tehran university


This article is based on a jame o lazzat manuscript on the subject of herbs and fun and sensual pleasures spiritual and physical belonging to the 8th century, the Mohammed bin Mahmoud Jurjani be introduced.
This version of the book is the expression of the feeling of pleasure toys intellectual and maintain the quality and integrity of spirit and soul through spiritual and sensual diversions treatment consists of Introduction, four papers and an end.
Introduction to express what purpose it is necessary to know before you start. "Sort of  The first article, expressing the pleasures that appearance and reality can be achieved by the faculties of the soul. "Sort of seven chapters," the second article, houses and clothes and food and drinks in Ahvayh that was fun. "Brhft sort of." The third article, in austerity and wakefulness and sleep and comfort and sensual intentions and vomiting that was fun. "Sort of five chapters." Article IV, proving the intellectual pleasures and virtues of expression on the feeling of pleasure and intellectual pleasures. "Brpnj sort of" and finally, through the treatment of deviations in quality and protect the health of soul and spirit. Each arranged on four ...
This research method is analytical and based on library resources.