The devolution of power from Istakhar to Shiz in the Sassanid period

Document Type: Research Article


1 Assistant Professor of History, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch

2 Ph.D. student of History,Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch


Istakhar is one the most important cities in the Sasanid period and it had a particular position in Zoroastrianism.With the coming of Ardeshir Sasanid (241 M-224), Istakhar gained more power and holiness, and it changed to an influential fire temple where all religious ceremonies and governmental rules were implemented in this fire temple. But since Shapoor ǁ, the power was devolved to Shiz. After this devolution, the power of Shiz reached to such an extent that even Avesta was rewrote in this fire temple, and this power remained until the end of Sassanian period.  Even after the Arabs invasion of Iran, an agreement was reached to have this fire temple and keep it safe. In this research, by using a descriptive and analytical method, attempts are to investigate the method of transferring power from Istakhar to Shiz, and also analyzing the reason of it.