An Introduction and Analysis of Old Translation of Holy QUR’AN at WALTERS ART MUSEUM MANUSCRIPT

Document Type: Research Article


1 Prof,Department of Arabic language and literature, Luristan University,Iran

2 PhD student, Department of Arabic language and literature, Luristan University,Iran


This paper introduces an old translated manuscript of Holy Qur’an which is held in an American museum. Apparently, it was created toward the end of 9th century AH but the translation goes back to centuries earlier. Remarkable for its word-for-word translation inserted between Arabic verses, this manuscript offers a great number of Old Persian words and is informed by linguistic spirit of 5th and 6th centuries. Before attending to the actual text, first some notes on visual and artistic features are presented. Finally, the significance of such manuscripts and old renditions of Holy Qur’an is explored while a considerable number of archaic words are listed.


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